A well rounded Crew

A well rounded Crew

It’s great when it all comes together. All the usual suspects were there - all of the same mindset. A little overnight snow refreshment on top of the weekend’s cut pow meant excellent conditions of extra soft over soft. And the sun poked through the in-and-out fog for some excellent visibility. Everyone was jamming their favorite variations on the theme of each run.

Sometimes you just have to let The Universe show you where to go. It was cold and the 3-5” of new snow was light and fluffy. The weekend crowd was unable to compress the previous day’s snow, so underneath the new was 12-18” of cut powder that looked liked bumps, but skied with ease. Smooth, fast, ease. Our guide was visibility as the sun broke through the flat-light fog and we followed. Not in a line, but in a ballet that went from 6 skiers at the top - spread out into 6 slightly different lines that merged and spread again - and then swooped back into formation at the chair full of grins and adrenalin. Where’dyago? howwasit? Ooooh, my next run… And we swap lines, stories, and warnings of where the rocks and sticks were.

As usual, the north side of The Valley was excellent. Memorial held some of the best powder turns in the morning. Sunnyside kept getting the sun, go figure, as well as the fastest skiing and mogul exploding turns of the day. I hit wood on about every 4th turn in Bear Pits, but was smiling at the bottom. You can almost get a rock free traverse to Grubstake for some nice soft bumps, and don’t take the tuck to C-3 Chairline - save it for me. Chairline won the short, steep, tight, deep award. Powder Bowl is Rocks Galore getting in, and the the Main Chute area repeats the rocks, just before the snow delivers the smiles. Exterminator was awesome, and a second run (last run of the day), down the Gondy Line variation exterminated my legs. Quads that had performed perfectly all day suddenly threw in the proverbial towel.

Best day so far this year. At this pace of improvement, I might need an auxiliary brain drive to store all the fun.


It’s gonna dry up, clear up, and get cold. Just a dusting of new snow, maybe, wednesday night, as temps dive into the low single digits by friday. Watch out for wind wednesday, the windchill will be nasty. It’ll be good snow and chilling cold for the foreseeable future (that’s 4 days).