Today was ski day number 8 (missed a few due to bad planning). I think every one of them has been different. A lot of cogs in the combo wheel clicked into place today, providing another completely different kinda fun. Not a cloud in sight, cold but reasonable temperatures, soft packed pow, a few inches of new yesterday, and ski muscles are now coming online. The only thing missing was deep new snow - not missed at all as we voted - best day so far of the still new season.

I anticipated funky conditions based on reports from yesterday. It only took one turn in Green Valley to dispel the worry. On run number two, it was Frontside On and the forecast was for nothing but fast, hard skiing. Wowza! Memorial-Sunnyside-Breakover-Showtime, the warmup session, delivered easy soft bump skiing. C-6 Chute 1.9 provided narrow thrills that led to smooth untracked provided by yesterday’s wind that plumped up the snow and kept the chair closed. John’s Chute into Powder Bowl delighted this rock dodger (John’s Chute and Dodger was an unintentional inside-the-group pun). Bear Pits upped the Wowz account.

Northway had some excellent snow in the know-where-to-go places - smooth and barely tracked that led to a soft watch-out-for-trees bumpfest. Whit’s End (finally, with the new sign, found the namesake for a big bump line) served up huge bumps of the soft variety and monday’s knowledge helped me jam down stump free. 

Vacation season brought the first crowd of the year at Crystal. Lots of families, kids, and newbies. Lucky for us, they mostly stuck to the groomers, were in eating soup and burgers, or snapping pictures of a perfect ski day. As we exited Northway, found the only line of the day at C-3. It was about 4 minutes, but on Ski Time, the first minute seemed like 10, the second and third minute seemed like 2, and the last minute seemed like 4 (I have it written down and can show it to you later). So… back to the Frontside.

Wowza! Bumps, soft and steep, a little competition between the Amigos, and the ski legs came to full power. Perfect in the fall line bump jamming till I ran out or aerobic power. Longer stints each run, and we were a thundering herd of three dodging the local fauna that was perched here and taking their first forays on The Front. I thought I couldn’t get much higher and hesitated heading to Bear Pits - queue the unexpected north facing fun run music. What! Not in the playlist. It should be, as it might be the sneaker run for tomorrow.

Amigoette in Chute 1.9

Amigoette in Chute 1.9

As usual, I go on and on with reports that will likely have no relevance in days to come. Lots of people meant the tracks and choke points got torn down to rocks today. Our exuberance in the sun means the sunny slopes will crunch up as they cool. Sorry we tore up the little remaining untracked - not really. And, I could go on, but my wife just told me I’m a goofball. One goofball with an excellent ski day shared with great ski buds.



No new for thursday morning will mean some crunchy off piste after today’s sun. Clouds and incoming snow will/might refresh the snow for friday - which looks like a pricipiful day. Cooler temps, light snow, and vacation crowds forecast for next week. Get an early start. No, don’t, let me get in front.