Don’tcha just hate it when the one to two feet of new snow is so light it doesn’t pack down and cover the rocks? Nope. Skiing mucho untracked made for the best pow day (morning) of my year. Shin to knee deep without a track on it greeted the early risers. And ski patrol had the north and south powder open at 8:55 as we rode up for our second run.

Having to break the traverse to Paradise Trees through knee-deep new was easy with the view of acres of snow to mark up. Penny Dawg’s delivered a couple more rounds of first tracks through the trees before the hordes started to show up. And hordes there were. We’d set the first 4 tracks on our favorites for 2 hours before the Powder Alert crowd showed up for the party. We knew it’d be busy when our 7:35 arrival put us below A-Lot. Cue the powder frenzy.

Guess it was our frenzy, as most of the holiday crowd stuck to the groomers or lodges and left plenty for us. The dedicated pow-hounds, the fast and light of foot, tore it up. So, we blasted into and down Employee Housing for the first time through knee deep piles of cut pow and steep drops. Only to run into a stack of smiles at the bottom. Other than a couple 4-5 minute waits at Rex, FQ and 6, we timed the lift lines perfectly. A couple runs down Campbell Basin till some…. How can people go past the Experts Only, Very Rocky, and No Easy Way Down signs and still get on C-6. Stopping the chair unable to unload and then needing a ski patrol escort to download? Pay attention and BE PREPARED! We tried the new (really old school) K2 Face gate (Upper K2 was awesome) only to find it missing truckloads of snow. Luckily, CD waited at Rex while we picked our way through the scrappiness.

Frontside, Bear Pits - and then repeat the goodness. We’ve learned where the rocks, sticks, and stumps are. Hope you’ve learned as well, as the cold new snow did not pack down on anything, and the bones of Crystal are showing through. The top of Six is in the terrible category, Gate 3 to Bruce’s Bowl close behind. Stay light on your feet, and you’ll only suffer some minor edge dings. Ski like the holiday crowd and you’ll be edgeless when the icy groomer days come next month.

The mind bender of the day - How do you fit 10 days into the Top Three of the Year bucket?



A slight Refresher will come tonight into tomorrow. But, it won’t be the big pow day like today. And hopefully won’t attract the hordes. Friday the weather will lighten up for awhile (and against all my crowd avoidance instincts - Go Then). On and off light snow greets the weekend. As we move into january, I expect the snow to lighten up for the annual doldrum’s lack of new snow. Not good news with the rocky transitions and entries. Disclaimer - I can’t predict the snow, just regurgitating those smarter than I am. But I can predict that the crowds will increase for the next 6-8 weekends (you should see the mass of motorhomes in B and F lots). Ski early, ski often and we’ll see you soon (friday)