Sometimes I need help. Some say I always need help - yeah, yeah…. I was on the verge of bowing out today based on very warm temps probably wetting up the snow thursday and the cold temps expected this morning which I thought would result in a major crunchfest. Luckily an Amigo pointed out that next week, post 3 more days of holiday skidding, although sunny, would be really cold. Like zero degrees cold. And when you run out of degrees, this boy runs out of enthusiasm. 

So, although reluctant yesterday, we left extra early today to beat the swarm, hoping to get the last of the string of great days. Ended up mid swarm behind a mile backup doing 40mph and collected another mile behind us before finally getting a decent spot at the end of the 17 acre pay lot for the rich and more deserving late comers. I turned off the rant, as the buzzing swarm of humanity didn’t really care about riding the lifts - no lines - or skiing the steeps. It was cold, foggy, and said fog froze solid on your goggles 2-3 times per run. Had to use the CD Pro-Tip and hold my hand on my goggles to melt the ice, then wipe away the melt.

But the snow was nice when you could see; we hit the usual low vis spots, and tried to keep warm. A tough assignment for the skinny Amigoette. Again, ski Amigo to the rescue with some added warmth and a quick lodge sit and she was back ready to kick some steep and deep ass. The sun came out of the fog and lifted our spirits and energy. The temperature remained 15.

Campbell Basin got a few laps. Each proceeded by the major rock garden that is the top of Six. Herculean efforts by lifties and patrol have helped but can’t keep up with the holiday swarm grinding back down to the rocks each day. The short forays into C-3 Chairline showed the steeps could be good and the shin/knee deep snow was completely unexpected. And got us thinkin’. We all expected the lower portion of Employee Housing to be terrible frozen crunch. As we passed on the responsibility of making the decision (someone to blame), JD said let’s go.

What a surprise. Deep cut pow, steep rollover pow, big bump pow, sketchy twig pow. Six surprised grinning faces at the bottom. That run would have made my day - so we did 2 more. So what the heck, how about Exterminator. Another surprise, What-the-Heck untracked left from two days ago. Not any more.

As the early setting sun made it feel cold again and the big bumps of Sunnyside told me I’d skied a great day, the Amigos headed down. Down with stories of 6 tight lines (7 with the short Ferd sighting) through the steeps, bumps, and unexpected powder. Down to the base where… the swarm was massed. Not skiing, but on the deck, milling around, or waiting in the hour long Gondola line. They’ll never know



I’m not heading out on much of a limb by forecasting it will be really crowded the next 2 days. Parking was turn-away full down to F-Lot again today and Crystal is really hyping the festivities New Year’s Eve. Although you can’t go if you aren’t already staying there without a party-all-night drive home. The temperatures will slowly continue to drop saturday - cloudy? - and sunday - a little new snow - and end up monday with negative morning temperatures likely on top. With highs around freezing in Town all next week it’ll be really cold in the mountains. Cold, mostly sunny, and dry. Like skidded rocks on top dry. The much-needed snow will be next weekend at continued cold temperatures. Although the much needed part is wet packing snow we won’t get. I’ll forecast rock skis for the next 2 weeks.