There’s gonna be some dust in the intertubes as I work out the final changes to the new, hopefully improved, Snowind site. In an effort to streamline and combine, some links have changed. Please update your bookmarks if needed. Also, some pages needed to go away. The Photos page is gone, hopefully to be rebuilt with new higher quality images. Old blog posts are gone, as most were time sensitive and no longer meaningful. Some of the travel posts will reappear as guest posts over time.

As porn seems to rule the internet, a few posts will be missed by people around the world. A picture titled Mr Sexy (guy in old 80s ski wear hamming it up at mountain top) won’t be found by that steady stream of searches. My post titled “Firm, Firmer, Firmest”, about horrible snow conditions, was especially popular among people in Hong Kong - I’m sure they were disappointed. And I was always creeped out about who was looking for and found my picture titled “Men’s Restroom” from a day the power was out and there were flashlights leading to the urinals.

With 18” of new snow last night, it looks like there will lots of conditions to report. Stay tuned.