On the drive up, the overnight temps at mountaintop warmed to a northwest-unusual 13°. Well bundled, we loaded early and rode into a light wind and fog that made it feel even colder. My warmup lap down the valley bowl found the visibility better than anticipated (for now), the snow alternating fluffy blow-though bumps and hard bumps, and Iceberg made my lips freeze. 

Missing the super pow sunday rush was a bummer. But OK leftovers looked promising, if I could just see a little better and get my chair ride cold legs fully engaged. The visibility was just bad enough I couldn’t fully engage. The snow alternated between deep cut powder and aggressive packed bumps. Wow that was great…. Ouch. Time would tell which way it would go.

It surprised me and the Amigos that yesterday’s 19” new didn’t hide some of the rocky places. Keep those rock skis in the car, there’s still a lot for them to do. The get-around groomers also haven’t faired well and still have lots of dug up gravel in place. They required dropping into The Valley to get to Sunnyside and Memorial. All was good - if you carried momentum to blow through the heavy stuff when encountered. Unfortunately, the lightweight Amigoette had trouble blowing through. I did the nerd-calc and she has to ski one and a half times the speed I do to reach the same snow-busting momentum. Yikes.

As the morning wore on I let my Amigos test some of the questionable areas. I did Memorial while they gave Door 2 a thumbs down and Bear Pits a miss-the-rocks thumbs up. Bear Pits was a tough ride, but one of the better rides of the day. Favs were Sunnyside, Memorial, Grubstake trees, and Iceberg Left. One to avoid was crossing the creek to Lower Bull Run - it was smooth on top, but a chest deep drop into a double heel release and goggle-removing flip stopped me cold. Luckily I had friends at the bottom and a warm Gondy ride up sharing a beer.

We got one run with sun - wow visibility makes it easy - and then it started snowing. It looked like the next front of cold and snow was moving in. We skied some trees till the quads complained and called it a day. Cold and tired I climbed into the Skibaru for a slow drive home. Come on people, the road’s wet and it’s just white on the trees….



I hesitate….. Looks like cold and clearish for a couple days and then another big snowstorm wednesday night into thursday. Or, maybe the timing will be different. Thursday could be great, or that might be friday. We’ll just have to wait and see.