Skiing today was bookended by 2 freakout sessions. Driving up everyone was taking the TV weatherpeople’s view that it would be terrible out there and to FREAKOUT. Never saw who was leading the Enumclaw to Crystal 40mph backup parade. Going down, the Boulevard was de-icer clear. Once on 410, it was time to FREAKOUT and drive 45 the whole way. You with the flashers on going 30 need to take both snow driving lessons and courtesy lessons. Why do people who can’t drive if there is white on the edge of the road, or when there’s snow actually on the road, think a slow-moving roadblock is their job. At least pull into the Naches for a nerve calming beer and let the rest of us by. On the positive side, it was snowing from Crystal to the Enumclaw golf course. Not much on the road, but good news for the mountain. If you’re going this weekend, Be Prepared to FREAKOUT!

There were a lot of people parking this morning. Where they went - who knows, as the chairs weren’t full and never a lift line. I did run into a teacher whose school was cancelled today due to Freakout Mode - the best plan for that was to drive 40 miles in the snow and go skiing. Good to see her on a weekday.

Snow conditions were great even with the light 5-6” of new. Know where to get the windblown 12-18” and it was even better. It felt great to get the temperature up into the 20s after the week’s single digit coldfest. First run down Memorial found the goods. I didn’t yet know that “Best Run of the Day” would continue to be my exclamation for the next 4 hours. Memorial, Sunnyside, Bear Pits first tracks, Valley Bowl started the morning off to an early season Best Day award (OK, I missed Super Sunday). It was nice to keep Luckyshot off the list - Nothing against Luckyshoters, but theres a lot more adventure out there to be had.

Northway was on hold and we watched the Go light with anticipation. Green! Perfectly random timing had me first in line for the rope drop into upper Paradise Bowl. Wow, best run of the day all the way down to Chairline Bumps Powder. Wait….. Flyin’ Floyd’s into untracked Bruce’s Bowl now Best Run of the day (notice the caps now?). And then, was Powder Bowl the Best Run? Or Sunnyside now in actual sun? Or Iceberg Left? Or, the last run out - Upper Bull Run? Nothing but goodness when the last run, quads entering complaining mode for the day, still delivered award winning snow. I’ll remember that as the pain of the 5 mile homeward traffic backup fades.



There will snow saturday and sunday although I can’t understand how much and how cold (but, cold enough to snow). Today’s afternoon forecaster called saturday “training” showers. ??? I take that as not too much snow. Sunday more snow. Monday another blob of cold air drops down from Canada so add a layer through tuesday. Then….? Kinda sounds like this might be the pattern for awhile. Cold clear weather from Canada mixing with wet weather from the SW and the mixing zone will be Baker to Lyle. I like our chances for continued cool and snowy.