What a fun day! Marginal snow conditions for the most part succumbed to the exuberance of our full gang of retired life-long Crystal skiers (come on TB, we need you during the week). The weekend warriors left things in two states. Skidded ice and loose but clumpy piles. Are we going to have to step in on saturday and sunday with lessons on correct skier grooming? So it took a few scoping laps to separate the nasty from the delightful and link together the correct lines (I picked delightful).

The last day we skied with the deep blue sky that only altitude and contrasting white snow can deliver was 5 degrees. Today we reveled in the warmth of snow-warming sun and awesome visibility. As they warmth progressed, the icy spots got softer and the new snow got heavier. Luckily, enough old-man strength existed to make all but the iciest and crunchiest aspects skiable. When in doubt, I followed my Amigos, tried to keep up, and it turned out great. Come to think of it, I didn’t see another skier other than our gang on Bear Pits, Showtime, Breakover, Sunnyside, Memorial, Grubstake, C-3 chairline, Berrypatch, LS Trees, Doors 2-1-Zero, Green Valley North, Windy Pass… Guess we skied a mostly Rex day.

The Gang of Six didn’t call a specific run and we’d yell out six different lines at the top. Spread out on the GV Cat-track and follow the Blue Angel plan, minus smoke (we need to get some smoke), and then six swoops back into the Rex lift line right on queue. As we traded stories on the chair, the next run would evolve. Run was a vague idea as we spread out, sometimes over the whole Frontside. And so it went. I’ll cut the conditions report short here as the Days-That-Follow will have no resemblance. As the low winter sun set about 12:30 you could feel the sun damage on the slopes. By 1:00 it was set. We need snow - not gonna happen in the forseeable, forecastable, future - or heat/sun.

Disclaimer: Received some negative energy (aka bullshit - oh he said a bad word) from some other skiers. This report might be biased in the realm of good skiers having fun in weird conditions.



As above, we need sun and/or heat to make the slopes good for the non-ice-liking crowd. As the sun lowered today, it got extra crispy. It’ll only get worse as the week progresses. Warmth and sun will be your friend of the foreseeable future. Clearish, sunny, warm and you should go. Cold, windy, cloudy…. It’ll be nasty.