Every summer I forget how this sport works. What to pack, what to wear, when to leave in the morning. Did I get everything - do I know how to ski? Only forgot one nonessential thing today. Apprehensions resolved I dropped into the untracked Green Valley Bowl. Quickly, the correct programs and subroutines kicked off in my brain and it was quite the run floating down in boot-top to knee-deep fluff. Yeah, I can hang out with this sport.


We moved around hunting for early-season powder. The mind was excited to go. My quads threw up some protests for a while. Coverage is really good for opening day, however, the normal ridges and windblown spots will test your rock skis if you’re not careful. When floaty powder turns changed to lumpy transitional snow, we just moved to another spot.

Crystal’s a little behind the mountain opening curve - no Gondy, no Green Valley grooming, and no Frontside gates. It actually worked well for us as the early afternoon opening of The Doors was nice. And the late opening of Sunnyside kept the snow in good shape. Just for us, I’m sure.

My brain really wanted to keep going, but, my legs were toast. The lower parts of Rex were getting heavy as the out-of-the-sun aspects turned from lumps to nice packed pow. The last run T2B down Sluiceway, Berry Patch, and Lower E had moments of untracked, and moments of near muscle blowout. Time to go



Some transitions, ridges, and choke points were getting ground down. Be careful. No new and a saturday crowd will explore the snowpack depth. A good storm will hit sunday/sunday night with rising snow levels - likely to mid-mountain. Turning showery on monday with a wet base. Then it all might come tumbling down to a more normal november on tuesday with increasing precip and 9-10K foot snow lever, aka rain. It will be interesting going into the thanksgiving crowd fest.