I figured all the hubbub about this storm would bring people out of the woodwork for a powder day. I was off by a factor of two as it the crowd was heavier than most mid-season weekend days. And, I wondered about the powderness with the warm temps while it was snowing. Our first foray got first tracks in 12-18” of new snow. Heavy new snow. But, it wasn’t too bad and our quest was to find some steeper untracked to mitigate the heaviness.

Not to be. The crowd skied the limited terrain (Chairs Six and Northway being closed) into lumps after one run. Even the closed runs were tracked by poachers before they opened at 10:30. Nothing was groomed above the bottom of Luckyshot, but that didn’t stop a 20 minute line from forming at C-3 at 9:30. By the time they opened the Frontside it was too late and it was only cut up heavy lumps. A lot of work while skiing blind.

Guess I didn’t mention the visibility. There was none. After cleaning your goggles on the chair to get the “snow” making frozen mist off (required holding your ungloved hand on the lens till it melted and then quickly wiping dry) the thick fog at the top refroze on said lens before you got off. Three hand freezing wipes to get to the bottom. So, we tried a groomer on Forest Queen. Stand in line for the goggle freeze and then cruise quickly, blindly, down Rolling Hole. Luckily it was smooth enough to be able to ski with ice-blurred vision.

By late morning we realized the blind, heavy-lump skiing really wasn’t any fun and decided to let the horde finish skier-grooming the hills for tomorrow. I pity the beginners on the lower mountain skiing in the constant rain of the “snow” guns. I could bare see to avoid people as I approached the bottom. And, due to running the “snow” making, Crystal won’t pay for the extra electricity and was running Rex and the Gondola on diesel. Noisy, dirty, and slow.

So, we live to ski another day. I thought paying our dues skiing rock strewn groomers would make today a winner. This one's in the loser column. But what you gonna do except keep going.

See you tomorrow.



No new snow through sunday. What you see is what you get. Temperatures will stay cold so that’s good. If our friends do a good job skier grooming today’s heavy snow, it’ll be pretty good till the Holiday Crowds grind it down to the barely covered brush and rocks. I forecast much christmas frenzy interrupting ski plans starting friday.