Whew! After yesterday’s heavy snow, fog, and huge crowds, today was impressive. Horizon to almost horizon (sorry North Cascades) clear blue skies and awesome packed pow bumps. The cold temperatures and clear skies overnight firmed the snow slightly, but the tail end of yesterday’s crowd beat most of the heavy, lumpy, snow into submission. With no lines, it was fast repeats, and with excellent visibility it was easy to see the line and ski hard.

And we did ski hard, sampling everything from Bear Pits to Snorting Elk. I hardly ever say this, but Iceberg was the run-of-the-day. Soft fluffy bumps with perfect rhythm. Mid-day, the Valley Bowl loosened up and provided the same. As the sun rose higher (a sad kind of higher on this winter solstice day) we got hot and had to remove an inner layer. The loser run today was The Doors - Too narrow, rocky, and oddly firm. Bear Pits skied fairly well, but was too scary as you tried to recover from hitting small treetops only to see a field of punji sticks (cut off saplings) ready to skewer you if you fell. Well BP needs more snow as do the top of the Doors, upper and mid Frontside, the Grubstake traverse, and by the end of the day, Iceberg.


Too tired to say much more other than “you shoulda been there today”. Not yesterday per Crystal’s Wohooo Powder Alert. It was amazing that so many people came up yesterday, most unable to ski the deep heavy new snow. And today there was almost no one there for the hit-the-nail-on-the-head forecast of bluebird sky and perfectly skier-groomed leftovers.

Lots of grins today, Merry Christmas



By day’s end, the rocks were growing fast. Not much new in the forecast for the next 4-5 days. The forecasted heavy Holiday crowds will quickly grind everything down to either ice or rocks. Even the tomorrow-opening Chair 6 had no untracked snow due to people that hiked from Windy Pass. Northway is opening saturday, anything good won’t last long. Christmas with family and friends will make me wait for some new snow.