A wonderful day with the Amigos, and finally, some aggressive skiing. Coverage has improved and worsened at the same time. Given the incoming weather, today’s report might be academic.

The sun wasn’t kind to the snow it shone on, as it was left firm and crusty. Avoiding it was easy, however, as we knew to stick to the shaded slopes and trees. Easy this time of year with the very low sun. Valley Bowl started with a couple inches of new over carvable bumps. Iceberg was nice, although strewn with more and more rocks as the day progressed. Iceberg and Luckyshot were not groomed last night even though Crystal had LS on the groomed list. I don’t know if they can groom them as the coverage is so thin in spots the groomers were already hitting dirt. I said we knew how to avoid the bad areas. One, look over the edge. Two, stick close to the trees. Three, don’t get cocky and ski Memorial. Where memorial was untracked, it had a breakable frozen crust. Where the snow was skied, small trees and rocks needed avoiding. We knew better….

The no-sun spots in Green Valley were quite fun, but the money shot was Northway. Excellent coverage, better than normal in places. Paradise Bowl Special Entry and Bruce’s Bowl and Trees started the fun, mid Northway bumps below The Nose made me hot. And the bonus was the lower under-the-chair bumps. Huge bumps not for the faint-of-bumps heart were soft, carvable, adrenaline inducers. With the low snowpack, you can ski the entire width without fear of decapitation by skis on the chair. The Gang all agreed Northway was the first real, aggressive skiing of the year.

Holiday skiers are weird. We couldn’t figure out why, with what looked to be a large (but late arriving) crowd, there were no lift lines. A trip up the FQ lift solved the mystery. Some were skiing FQ’s groomers, but most were in the lodge having pizza and beer. There was an acre of skis and poles outside the Campbell Basin Lodge that was packed with humanity. At least I assume humanity; didn’t look too close. Amigoette bailed on the 10+ minute restroom line to come ski Powder Bowl. The top of Six is a mayhem of rocks, and the top third takes a lot of rock and ice dodging to get to the good snow on the lower bowl.

The weather was changing as we skied Lower E’s bumps at 1:30 - the right side with a couple inches of warm-temp slush that made the big bumps a hoot. The left is strewn with small treetops and rocks.

A day of tasty treats that made us want more. More, will take new snow



It’s gonna be questionable what comes out of the storm that was moving in this afternoon. Base temp was already at 32 with near light rain. Friday, the almost consensus is the snow level will rise to or near the summit. Hopefully a dump of wet snow will splat down before it likely turns to rain. Regardless, it’ll be wet for a day. Saturday the temperatures drop to skidded ice or frozen glop conditions. If my plan carries any weight, I’m out till next week when we see what, if any, snow happens and what the holiday weekend crowds do to it.