After an opening day of Pow Galore, it was frustrating to see it destroyed by 6-7” of rain-to-the-top over the next 6 days. I finally thought the mountain had recovered enough to venture up for opening number two. Turned out to be a fun day of putting the rock skis through their paces. More fun than the conditions and limited terrain foretold.


There’s very limited terrain open and judging from what was available, the rest must be pretty bad. (disclaimer, there’s a lot of beginner/intermediate runs that we didn’t sample on Forest Queen and Not-So-Quick Silver). The best snow was Valley Bowl Right to Valley Second Face Left, to either Chairline or Ann’s run. As the only options up top were Green Valley and Luckyshot, variations of these lines got many repeats.

Rex isn’t running this whole week to make people do Top-to-Bottoms, taking more time and limiting the amount of carnage on Luckyshot. Luckyshot T2B to the Gondola was smooth, fast, minimally exciting, but did the early season trick. Their plan wasn’t working, however, as by 11:00 Luckyshot was covered in dug up rocks, gravel, and ice. That didn’t deter our Rock Ski Gang from many runs.


So… We bounced around, turning soft moguls into firmer moguls and turning leftover crud into icy rain crust. I expected the conditions to be marginal, we didn’t expect to have so much fun. If it had been later in the season, repeat boredom would have kicked in. As a mogul skiing brain tune-up, it was great.

All the lifts were running slow today, especially the only top-access Gondola. Seems (word on the street (no streets actually involved)) that Crystal didn’t anticipate the additional electricity that the new Razzle-Dazzle snow making would take. Rather than pay higher rates, they’re running some chairs on diesel, slowly on diesel. The Gondola was running very slow this morning on diesel. It switched to electric mid-day, but still ran slow. When asked why, the operator gave a slack jawed I-don’t-know expression.

It was a great day getting the band back together and skiing what little terrain was open into won’t-be-nice-tomorrow conditions. Sorry.



Temps will rise to a hot 10-11K ft snow level tomorrow through at least sunday. The sun will be nice, but warm temperatures will finish off Luckyshot in a day as the already thin grooming was digging up gravel. The icy spots on the upper mountain will change to some good spring skiing for a few days, but with the Rock Skis already clanking a lot today, it will not be pretty by week’s end. As no new snow is forecast for the next 9 days, I’m going for some rock skiing wednesday and then time off till more snow falls.