I took the morning shift. I was solo today, as half the crew is on injured reserve (I consider TB to be injured since he has to work) and the other half is galavanting out of state. I find myself a little slow to get motivated when solo. Greeted by unexpected sun shining on the snow made it easier as the beautiful weather helped show off slopes covered in new snow.

Green Valley Bowl was OK - smooth new covering unseen bumps - but I didn’t come for OK. I felt obligated to ski Iceberg as a warmup as it was smoothly groomed with a 4” coating of new. At 12° there was nothing warm-up about it. Memorial was more invigorating trying to navigate the occasional jarring bump mixed in with the fluffy ones, all hidden by a boot-top layer of light new.

Since it was no time to waste a sunny morning poking around, I headed right to Exterminator. Shhhhh, not a track in sight. I skied untracked shin deep new snow, over a soft fluffy base, from top to bottom. Next lap there were a few other tracks, easily avoided. Two runs and I had my money’s worth for the day (he has a pass, and didn’t pay anything). But there was still plenty of time and the sun was still shining soooo, off to my favorite, Employee Housing.

Something about both Exterminator and E-Housing. Being able to see the bottom from the top and knowing it’s 1,600-1,800 vertical feet of steep, trees if you want them, all untracked snow, and as I enjoyed the view there was not a soul in sight. Or a person, never seen a soul. Do they ski? Bouncing through shin deep new, face shots hitting knee deep fluff piles, dodging in and out to the trees, and nailing perfect turns on the steep roll-over when my brain said I’m going to fast. I wish the Amigos were there at the bottom. I always feel awkward Whohoooing when there is no-budy to hear.

When you find a good thing. Or two. Why wander. I spent the morning trying to figure out which I liked better. Exterminator or Employee Housing. In honor of the Oscars, I picked The Terminator on my third to last run. And then changed it to E- Housing which I repeated for my last two runs. Did miss my ski Amigos, however.

And then the weather moved in, the fog started collecting, snow started falling, and this well satisfied boy headed home.



Light snow showers should will provide continued refreshment tuesday and wednesday. Cold temps will keep the snow light. Late thursday through friday morning will be stormy. Lots of snow, but winds might shut things down friday. A few days for timing to change, however.