The mantra in the lodge this morning was “You shoulda been here yesterday”. I love saying that. Today I was on the receiving end, as I picked monday and wednesday to ski. I couldn’t whine because the sun was out, mostly, the leftovers were great, and Northway, which was closed yesterday, was waiting for patrol to open.

It’s been cold for so long - other than the rainy days - that I forgot how to ski when the snow warmed up into the mid/upper 20s. The cut up leftovers were soft and a little heavy. Took me awhile to apply enough momentum to blast through. And legs that had been loafing along through smoky fluff the last month felt the strain of being asked to hold tight as the thicker snow pulled and tugged.

Green light! Northway opened to a rush of those in the know heading to their favorite gate. Ours was #4. I wasn’t the first, but close enough to get untracked in the trees. Dropped off the big bulge into 2 feet of fluff. Fluff that didn’t slow me down at all as I bottomed out hard on solid rock. I started skiing my new skis 4 trips ago. New skis that sat for 2.5 years of low/crappy coverage waiting to be taken out to play. They ski great. Just like my old ones - as they’re the same ski only with new sharp edges. And now some P-Tex that needs some love.

Pucker’s Right even better. And I didn’t hold it against Pucker as high speed and a sudden thigh deep patch took me down. All’s fun in the powder game. Heading for a repeat, all the tracks turned left at Penny Dawgs. Funny how just looking at untracked pow makes my skis turn right. Best of the day. And repeat.


Hottest run, temperature wise, was Employee Housing. And I was in my best Blast Mode state. Sweaty and wearing a shit-eating grin I dumped a layer of warmth since temps were now 30ish. And went for the first hike of year to Avie Basin. Again, I saw untracked at the west end of the saddle and got sucked in. And bid farewell to DB and son who let me tag along today. One sketchy hit on bomb debris and then it was all new snow for my marking. The wow lasted until I realized I was the first and had to cut the long contour traverse to Damn Fine Forest. 10 sweaty minutes later, a few minutes to cool down, and I was at Ken’s Run. Named by/for me back in the long past when hardly anyone skied this area. Still got untracked for the most part.

So, rode up and skied my first groomer of the day. Wow, these things are a cinch. Gave me a leg rest and a cool down and I tucked my tired legs between my legs and called it a day. No we didn’t miss it, you shoulda been here today.



Today’s warm temps won’t feel so good as the snow cools down tonight and tomorrow. A big storm comes in thursday and friday. Temperatures will be cold enough for snow but wetter than the past storms. Sounds like winds could be a problem for lifts running on thursday and/or friday. I’d check your favorite forecast thursday night (or Crystal early friday morning) and see what’s up.