I thought I’d made a horrible decision. Wringing some fun out of today required heat from the sun, check, and smoothing of yesterday’s now-frozen rain, no check. The groomers were icy and hard. It only took getting one ski onto the off-piste to realize the no-go zone was gonna be huge. As far as you could see - it was cloudless blue skies - the ungroomed parts of the mountain were cut-up now frozen glob. Or, full of avalanche debris and rolling slush frozen chicken, goat, and cow heads.

After a couple too-fast, too-icy, edgeless groomers I was wishing I’d stayed in bed. Luckily, I rode up the chair with a ski patroller. She suggested heading to Northway. In my head I told myself that sounded like a really bad idea. Until, I realized Northway had been closed yesterday during the big rain. Paradise Bowl Trees was untracked over a supportive (non-breakable) and carvable rain crust. 4-8” of buttery new just for the taking. Same on Penny Dawg Trees, Bruce’s Bowl to Paradise, Puckers, and Penny Dawgs proper. Wow, the best snow on the mountain hiding in plain sight as the weekend masses skidded down Luckyshot. I’ll let some video tell the rest of the story.



Who knows? Tomorrow is the first day of spring and the snow feels like it. Frozen mornings lead to either frozen glop afternoons or soft bumps of fun depending on the temps and skier smoothing. We’ll see if tomorrow morning remains clear and turns to fun, or clouds cancel the warming and it’s an icy groomer day.