It was fast. Scary fast. And frozen hard. I haven’t had a 100% icy groomer day in a long time, but today I got my fill, and then some.

Filtered sun and hopes of softening were kept at bay by a persistent east wind. It wasn’t even a cold wind, just enough to cancel the sun’s effect. Since we never ventured more than 1-2 turns off piste before turning back due to the nastiness, there was only one thing to do. Go fast. I’ve never tucked from the top of Green Valley all the way through and including Sluiceway. Some scary moments as the compressions maxed out my leg control.

Luckily there were some Amigos to chase. If alone, I would have spent a lot more time analyzing whether or not I was having fun. But it was fun, even the scary parts. Jittering eyeballs on chattery ice, high pressure carving turns at speed, holding a tuck because the wind would lift your skis, and laughing at the absurdity of having fun in such poor conditions.


Since the high pressure moved east, the next precipitationable weather is moving in. The mountain is in horrible shape and it doesn’t look like there is enough snow in this system to fix the problem. And the fact that some of it will come as rain tuesday - First day of spring my ass.