A boy and his mountain

A boy and his mountain

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. Normally I’m a good fool, but there was no fooling around in picking today as the best weather of the week. It was tough watching the rain, wet snow turned to rain, and wet rained on snow turn to ice as the weekly weather coaster rolled along. The one bright spot, literally, was today, so we nabbed it. Clear blue sky and the snow blazed white in the morning sun. Icy rain crust was waiting for heat, so we blasted the obligatory hard, fast groomers for an hour. That was enough as the surface thawed quickly on the sunny aspects.

The non-sunny slopes remained breakable rain crust scattered with chicken, and cow heads. And remained that way all day. But once the sunny stuff softened, the game was “look for smoothness and drop in”. Gondy Line, Exterminator, and Valley/Valley/Sluiceway/Berry Patch/Lower E. Subtle variations kept us in untracked all day. For the most part. I’ve never seen so many slush-ball rollers as littered some slopes today. Every little cliff, steep, and tree was dropping plops of snow that rolled downhill and froze in place becoming chicken, goat, and the occasional cow head. Having done extensive research on these runs the last couple months, it took just a slight alteration of your line in the right direction to get back into the untracked. In one area, a secret stash hiding in plain sight, the sound of slicing the smooth, untracked, now-soft rain crust, made a noise I’ve never heard. Somewhere in the combination of breaking crushed glass and water skiing on a wind chime. And so we skied the deep boot-top slop over and over.

Lower Exterminator was in prime shape all day. All 3 of out T2B runs ended on Lower E. As easy and smooth as thigh deep moguls get. That was how the Frontside should have been instead of crunchy lumps that turned instantly to too-soft slop. Kids these days. Not a mogul skier among them, but it was nice they left these perfect bumps just for us old ones. 



Temperatures will remain warm overnight, but radiation cooling will refreeze the hill. Probably some light precip/rain as well. If it thaws, and you can see (overcast predicted), there will be some more consolidation for your skiing pleasure. Temps drop on sunday bringing frozen mayhem again. Monday looks clear-ish, however temperatures may not rise quickly enough to thaw the slop. Only one way to find out…..