Inadvertently did something new today. Cold and clear, we decided to ski the open areas of The Frontside while visibility was good. And so started the cycles. Opening with Sunnyside, boot-top and deeper fluff covered a findable-but-avoidable crust. 15 different runs later the only difference we found was some deeper, some bigger bumps under, and some steeper. 


About halfway through the day I realized that we hadn’t found a run that said “ski here next run”. And we hadn’t found a run that said “stay away” either. Meaning we hadn’t repeated a run, and since every run so far was good, it became a thing to ski the whole day without a repeat. And just to line them up in order: Bear Pits, Outer Ferk’s, Doors Four, Three, Two, One, Showtime, Breakover, Sunnyside, Gully-Gully, Memorial, Gondy Line Right, Exterminator, Eagles Drop, Employee Housing. Conditions weren’t Great, but were very Good. Consistency was the factor that made it Great. Once you figured out the crust level and how to read the powder covered bumps and lumps, it was haul ass fun.

Other than a half hour of visibility killing, face numbing, dumping snow, the sun was mostly out. I call that perfect. Unfortunately, the mid-day sun will likely heat damage the sunny aspects as you could feel it getting heavy - if you slowed down and wiped that grin off your face.

Here's today’s rant. Crystal has continued acting-like-a little-Podunk ski area and is closing lifts whilst charging full price. Northway is now closed on monday and tuesday again (not advertised on the 8-feet-of-new website). Heard a rumor it will be closed all mid-week soon. 74$ for a day ticket and 1/4 of the mountain was closed. I cry discrimination against monday skiers. Would have been some awesome snow out north if you could get to it. 

Longing for Northway aside, we did what needed to be done today. And set a new personal record for number of different runs without a repeat. Although there were still a few runs to add, time and legs wore out, and this one headed home.

PS - Want to see some bad snow? Bad snow that was a lot of fun at the time, but puts the nice snow this season in perspective. I pulled out some video of the 14-15 rock, brush, and Green Valley season. Just for historic, hysterical, and to clean up some disk space reasons. Click Here



Tuesday should be snowy and cool adding some new, although heavy at the base. Wednesday will cool off again and precip diminishes (that’s my choice). Cool and light snow thursday. Go get it before friday, looks like another rain/wet to the top day. Then slam the temps back down to crunch it up for the weekend. Roller coaster ride this weather is.