It was snowy today. Snow in the air, all day. Deep snow on the slopes, all day. Best of all, snow on my grinning face.
Today was another sampler of new untracked. No need for a cold groomer “warm-up”, as diving right into (onto? I’ll stick with into as we were shin deep into… ) Sunnyside was deep-snow-brain satisfying. Although my legs complained some from the harsh wake up call, it was one of those runs that tells you it’s going to be a great day.

My brain was worn out this morning trying to decide where to ski or which runs might be best. So…. Let the universe decide as the fog and visibility set our course to Door 4, LS Trees, Bear Pits, Door Zero. Hey, you can see the top of Exterminator. OK, I’ll go. Woohoos of deep untracked ensued all the way through Lower E. A green NW light sent us past a crowd dropping left as we dropped right into/onto Employee Housing. The Housing Effect had turned 4” of new overnight into 18-24”. Thank you Universe. It’s great to have a guide that takes on the stress of finding the best snow. And takes the blame (off me) for a loser.

We found a new way onto Upper Bull that is softer and more untrackeder - perfect. And somehow, the universe vortex kept calling us back to Exterminator variations. No bad ideas there.

We did make one mistake. Right Angle. The most skied out area and the most scrappy little trees. It woulda been fine any other non-deep-pow day, but I couldn’t figure out how, or why, so many people had gone there. Somewhere between NW Gate 9 and Rex is a Top-to-Bottom run that at mid day was not only still deep untracked, but the best snow/run of the day. Go exploring. We had to repeat it as a closer, and still, only our tracks.

Very nice to have JD with a day-pass from the injured reserve list. Unfortunately, still missing my main girl, Amigoette. Going in for an MRI tomorrow. 

Quote of the day - “All I need is some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine” Jeff Spicoli



If you go skiing tomorrow, go early. If the timing changes much, the day may be short as the next storm rolls in. Things look wild thursday evening and friday. Lots of snow that with rising snow levels will probably turn to rain at some point. How much rain, how long? Could be a huge wet dump of snow or hell to pay on saturday as it cools down. Stay tuned.