Not sure I made a return on my investment today. Beautiful weather. The snow, not so much.

I was wary of the forecasted sunny day as there were some hints of clouds and/or the temperature staying cool. So, the early wake up decision. It was obvious that temps had dropped overnight as the open bedroom window coolness made getting out of bed way down the priority list. But I did. The weather check out the window showed clear starry skies. The computer check showed the temperature 10 degrees warmer than sunday. With clear skies, it looked like a sun-warmed soft snow day. Ready, set, load and go. But…… there was that pesky east wind at 30mph.

A beautiful morning on the mountain. Cloudless sky, lots of snow, blasting ridgetop wind. Valley Bowl skied nice. And then your choice was one of two icy groomers. Iceberg. Luckyshot. Iceberg. Luckyshot. Iceberg, Iceberg, Luckyshot. That got boring quickly. One turn in Memorial was enough. One run down Grubstake - enough. On Bear Pits you could see the possibility of another 10 degrees. ElkSnort was OK, Mr. Toad’s Ride - yikes. Hoping a T2B would find some 10:30 softening I committed. Sluiceway, Berry Patch, Lower E were a disaster. So Valley Bowl to C-3 Chairline to mind numbing repetition.

And so, as clouds moved in cancelling any softening even more, I thought one more T2B. Give it a last chance, or go home. Quarter to 12, Rex was down. Fifteen minutes in, the electricians were still scrambling. I took it as a sign to head homeward. Three hours and twenty minutes of driving for 3 hours of battling lumpy ice. Not sure I made a positive influence on the fun-o-meter. But my heart monitor watch said I got double my exercise goal for the day. WooHoo!



Looks like wet snow on top, rain at the base through friday and them freeze it up for some light snow showers through saturday. Clearing on sunday, but that’s a long ways out in tough-to-forecast land. Next week Crystal shuts down all but the Gondy and Green Valley. Good weather/snow will mean slow Gondy lines for T2Bs and limited terrain in Green Valley. All could change with the flip or flop of a frontal passage - for better or worse. We’re nearing the end.