You know how hard it is to get your house painted these days? The weather lately has been odd for spring. Not that spring around here is great, but you usually get 3-4 nice sunny days alternating with 3-4 cloudy rainy days. Not this spring. Only a smattering of occasional dry days and only some of them are sunny. Spring skiing needs the same conditions needed for getting your house painted. A few days to dry out and then some warm sunny days for paint to dry. Or for the snow to soften. And then when we have a clear day forecast, the hope is dashed at the last minute, unnoticed by the forecast, when your clear weather suddenly turns cloudy and wet.

As much as Crystal ballyhoos each overnight snowfall, it has been exactly what we do not need. Cold temps continue to firm up - note, firm means rock hard - the latest wet snow or rain soak for the mornings. Each new snowfall means a few runs of smooth butter, then unconsolidated slop. Not trusting the forecast, I checked at 5:00am verifying it would be a clear day in the mountains. Unfortunately, a 15° morning temp meant that softening would be slow. I left as late as my traffic-avoidance squirrel brain allows and missed the first icy groomer of the morning. I did arrive for enough groomer action to do me for awhile.

So, Iceberg scraped down after one run and it was Luckyshot or Luckyshot for our fast morning laps. First to soften was the T2B - Snorting Elk Bowl, Sluiceway, Berry Patch, and best-of-the-day, all day, Lower E. The only Frontside run that had the right combo of consolidation, skier grooming, and soft snow was Showtime. It was a flurry of fast T2Bs and Showtimes for the Amigos. As the ski legs are in winter shape, there was no stopping. Three strong skiers finished off the last of the smooth untracked on Exterminator 😃 and left it an unconsolidated, lumpy mess. And four grinning faces looked up at the huge, perfect, bumps of Lower E to finish our day.

My house still isn’t painted.


It might be sunny tomorrow morning, it might be cloudy, it’ll be warm, and there might be some light rain in the afternoon *throws up hands - throws in the proverbial towel*. The rest of the week looks warm and rainy. Next sunday, monday, tuesday is the next forecast teaser of good ski weather, or house painting. Temper with the accuracy of the long range forecast lately and you’re back in one-day-ahead-get-up-early weather verification. Get it if you can.