I felt strong today, which is surprising given the snow condition. It’s unfortunate that when you are skiing your strongest, best of the year, the weather, snow, and lift season are winding down. And fortunate that even in the odd conditions today, my skiing felt effortless, fast, and it was a hell of a fun day.

As the odd spring weather pattern continues, today’s conditions are no guarantee of future performance. Just like stocks, it’s a crapshoot of warm rainy days, cold frozen days, and only the occasional sunny spring days. The snow was just about the same everywhere this morning. Four to 10 inches of lightish new snow over a crunchy frozen rain crust. Full of lumps and bumps, it looked terrible. And skied great if you came at it with authority. Once I learned that the head sized lumps were crunchy, but not frozen down, I could throw down any line with ease. The faster you went, the better it skied.

From the steep and narrow, to the trees and glades, nothing but grins. In the morning we sought out untracked and worked our way left to right in Bear Pits till it was tracked. A 5 minute line on Six kept us to only 2 Campbell Basin runs, as our ski-time brains balked at the wait. Powder Bowl’s Main Chute is so full of snow it’s chuteless but leads to perfect snow for skiing the Mid-PB Nose. North-facing aspects held up well to skier tracking, and while testing those, ended up with a few more big untracked lines.


My most excellent cadre of ski amigos kept throwing out prospects that sounded like horrible ideas any other day, and as we felt so strong, everyone dove right in. Banana Chute’s sketchy entry didn’t deter us. Nether did Employee Housing’s lower elevation thickening. Or Secret Trees, or Lower E’s huge bumps. Or Mr Toad’s Wild Ride off Snorting Elk, or C-3 Chairline’s off-angle ice turning to pow turns. Skied close to my bud – sometimes he knows where I’ll turn before I do, and I never ran into anyone. CD threw down the Sketchy Line of the day through the Rinky Dink cliff band. Well done as I watched from below.

I wish I felt this way in December. Strong enough to never feel tired legs, never out of breath. It seems the only thing that gets me in shape for skiing is skiing. A most wonderful day. Unfortunately, with the expected weather and coming lift closures, the days are numbered.



We need snow - something happening monday - or sun and heat -maybe tuesday. Back to the crapshoot wednesday with rain at the base and wet snow up top. Showers of the wet sort through friday, and I quote the National Weather Service for saturday, “so a glimmer of hope exists for a respite from the cloudiness and showers”. Not the best forecast, but wax up, get ready, and when it looks good, go. And ski like it’s your last day - it might be.