Finally, snow conditions and coverage that allowed skiing any run you wanted. From Campbell Basin to Snorting Elk (Northway was closed - more later) you could ski anywhere. Only limited by your aversion to a here-and-there underlying crunch. With a sharp eye, you could keep the ice aversion well at bay. Also by paying attention, you could ski a lot of untracked pow. And, the first day of the year I didn’t have to ski a groomer.


The squirrel juices were in full effect as a drive-up snow-dump added 5” of light new to the mix. For first chair, the sky began breaking up for soon-to-be sun breaks. I opened with Valley Bowl and Memorial joining the gang back at Rex with everyone smiling. And the game was on. On previous days, we skied the mountain looking for good snow. Today we skied the mountain wondering where the bad snow was, pausing on the best runs for a few repeats. The worst I found were some icy lumps on lower Frontside and too-firm bumps on Bear Pits. Topping the list was Powder Bowl which was in prime shape. Fighting for second were Door 1 and Exterminator-Eagles Drop-Etc which both had many repeats.


The only rocks we found were the top of Six trying to enter the Campbell side - please learn to ski, not sideslip. And the only chairline was on Six, so it was one Campbell Basin Chute 2 and out to Powder Bowl. With the whole mountain in good shape, there was no need to stand in line. So we didn’t. A big day, lots of smiles. Most fun day of the season.

Here’s where I usually would put in a watch for elk warning. You should still watch for elk on the highway, but also put trees on your watch list. There were two trees down on 410 today, one midway through this morning’s commute. Our bud, JD, couldn’t see a 10”er across the road and hit it at 40mph. Not good for his SUV.

Today’s Rant - Crystal will never be a destination resort if they don’t open all their chairs every day. Northway is closed mondays and tuesdays. And Chair Six doesn’t open till 10 even though the Marketing Report says open 9-3. 


Although most of the powder is cut up, there will still be lots of cut pow over crunchy spots for tuesday - But watch for strong winds coming in that will probably shut down the top. A LOT of precip starts late tuesday with snow levels about the base to midway. As temps drop tuesday night, wednesday will again be very snowy and hopefully diminishing winds will allow everything to open. This looks like the big storm we’ve needed. It might be friday till it all gets sorted out, however.