What a day! I think we all got our fill of steep and deep today. At least my legs say so.

I was a little scared as we parked at 8:00 way down on the road just above C Lot. People that arrived shortly after 7:00 parked in the 4th row. Most of the space was reserved for the rich and late coming (625$ for a parking pass) and busses that didn’t arrive till after noon. Relegated to not-parking worthy, we hoofed it uphill for miles, well it seemed like miles, to the lodge and suited up. The news turned more positive as the line was gone in minutes and up we went. Up to be greeted by cold, crisp air (15°) and deep fluffy powder.

Memorial opened the morning and showed promise with boot-top new over another foot of packed pow. In hindsight, turned out to be one of the worst runs of the day as from there it progressed to bigger, steeper, narrower, and deeper. Door One, Door Zero, Door 4, Bear Pits….. With no lines they were fast laps. Listening to the Ski Patrol chatter, we saw the head fake as Six opened and we took off to Northway just as the gates opened. My favorite line in Paradise Trees upped the bar for run-of-the-year till we switched sides and got another knee-deep first down Puckers Right. I coulda quit there and had an excellent day. But, the only way down was E-Housing (not really, but I wasn’t going anywhere else). Huge puff piles of new, lots of stumps on the rollovers - challenging and rewarding. I-5 is another story best told after I forget the ice, rocks, sticks, and wet creeks.

Back to “reality”, we went into blur mode. We skied the Doors (especially Four), Showtime, The Pits, LS Trees, in Fast and Furious fashion - four skiers at the top, four at the bottom, and a criss crossing of different personal favorite lines. We took a short foray to Powder Bowl, skiing some excellent snow that you couldn’t see in the flat light. Back to the trees.

I wound down as the snow tracked out and thickened down lower. And, it might have been me that suggested a T2B out The Gap that finished everyone’s legs as the lower snow was….. weird. Sorry.

I said it above, but what a day. Deep new snow. First runs of the year - Sphincterville, Pucker’s, Employee Housing. A 62 year old guy got whoops from the Northway Chair, skiing between the caution signs down thigh deep bumps a foot from possible decapitation from chair rider’s skis. A flash of color in my periphery and I knew one of my Amigos would slink in behind me, then duck between some trees and pass me on the other side. Whew!



Go tomorrow if you can. Get an early start in front of the crowd as a dump of snow is expected tonight. BUT, watch the morning report as winds might be fierce, shutting down the top. And Crystal is nowhere you want to be on a weekend with only 2 chairs open. The snow level will go WAY up sunday and monday. With the new snow being unconsolidated it will be deep slop off the groomed. And raining. Tuesday will bring the whole shebang down for light snow over ugly ice.