Picking the sunniest day of the week was the perfect plan. After avoiding the Holiday Hordes and yesterday’s warm but windy/cloudy non-thawing surprise, today’s wall-to-wall sun, blue sky, and already-soft snow threw out the welcome mat.


By 9:15, our first run was springtime soft in the sun after a little packed pow bump action in Valley Bowl. So, I’ll cut to the chase. Soft bump perfect. That is, in the areas, slim though they were, where it had been skied enough to consolidate the snow. Sunnyside, Grubstake, and Iceberg Right delivered the goods. Limited options, although, with no non-groomer skiers in sight, we four had our own private ski runs with perfect “spring” snow.

The biggest vert day, and the most fun day of my season. I shouldn’t, but I will say the rest of The Gang would (might?) agree. What could be better than slicing huge bumps, easy carving bumps, straight down the fall line in a Hawaii shirt? While your Amigos are 2 bumps left or right jamming to the same beat. OK, sometimes they’re in front, but you’re both dancing to the same mountain rhythm. So you’re not a child of the 70s bump skiing scene? Well, you should be. Or learn to be - in my less than humble opinion. We didn’t see one other person on Sunnyside enjoying the perfect conditions.

On many days, the off-corduroy conditions are bumpy. Like today, huge bumps. You’re limiting your skiing by not venturing out into the moguls. It takes a lot of energy, and quick reflexes, but isn’t that what you’re looking for? Why are you skiing? Push your limits when the conditions lack smooth corduroy or powder. Take it slow if you feel intimidated. Look up some old school videos. It’ll open up a whole new world and quadruple the area of the mountain you can ski. (Disclaimer - If more people were skiing the off-groomed bumps, it would consolidate the snow so there’d be more perfect, soft, snow for us bump skiers)

And, if done “right”, you can bump ski till you’re an old crotchety blogger.



Tomorrow’s incoming clouds and dropping freezing levels will not be kind to today’s slushy snow. But, the cooling may not be enough to keep rain from wetting down the lower 2/3rds of the mountain. Precip will be the call late thursday through sunday with snow levels up and down from mid-mountain to the summit. The outcome???? I’ll wait and see, maybe monday……