It was an unexpected sneaker powder day. Well, unexpected, but not so sneaky to someone watching the weather develop hour by hour. Monday’s rain event missed Crystal by a few miles all morning, only delivering rain for an hour or so. It then turned into lots of snow as the cold front collided with the precipitation. And brought lots of snow. Boot top new in the exposed areas and 18-24” in the trees.


Ski along looking over the edge and turn in when you saw deep untracked was The Plan. The Plan worked well and trees improved the visibility as it was puking snow mixed with fog. I’ll skip the list and say I never found a bad run. Steep was your friend as the deep snow on the flats was a tough slog until it was tracked up.

For a day that I wasn’t even planning on going, it turned out awesome in every respect. Run-of-the-Day? It was the run, or the 5 runs, with continuous face shots. In the ski blur I can’t remember which they were. The difference between the best and worst runs today was only about 5%. Crowds? None other than the glut of people waiting in the snow for Chinook to open and then waiting for Rex to open. We took three runs on Weenie Queen to get warmed up, hit Rex just as it opened and the glut was gone. Missed half a run of “Big Skier Frenzy”. And then they moved on, leaving run after run of deep untracked for the Knowledgeable Crystal Skier, aka Old Guys. First Rule of Windsurfing applies to skiing as well. Never leave great pow to look for more pow.

The second rule of windsurfing applies as well. Bring all your gear since whatever you don’t bring, you’ll need. I say this in honor of CD not having his powder skis. New to the multiple ski group, I never wanted to be the guy that says “I brought the wrong skis”. Luckily, CD can still do the narrow ski club proud - even in thick knee-deep unexpected new snow.

And, today’s rant. Three snowboarders, thinking they were faster than us skiers….. The first one flying in above my bud started a sluffing slide that knocked him over, he lost a ski, and poured a couple feet of sliding snow over the Bear Pits traverse. His two accomplices, running out of control high on the traverse slid more snow on said Bud and his lost ski. 15 minutes later, we finally dug out and located his ski 4 feet down in the slide. No, you’re not faster, cooler, or even a good boarder - you’re just jerks.

After the ski recovery, tearing it up continued. Unexpected deepness till the end of the day.



It was dumping, capital D, when I left. But, that will slow down overnight with a good filling in over today’s cut-up pow. Tomorrow will be good, but bussed up crowds will slow things down. Thursday will be the transition day. Slow moving fronts mean cut and packed powder. Fast moving fronts bring rain. We’ll see.