I was pretty cocky this morning in the lodge with the “you shoulda been here yesterday” comments. Hard to believe that today was just as good, maybe better. One thing that was better was Amigoette and DB were added to The Gang. More is merrier.

As unexpected as yesterday’s deep new snow was, today’s unexpected was lots of knee-deep new snow. And some unexpected exploring that really paid off. It was amazing that some of our secret spots were untouched, or lightly touched yesterday and still full of deep, untracked amazing powder. It will all come crashing down by friday (or mid-day thursday) as the weather warms, and it was well tracked out by day’s end.


Quickly, today was deep leftovers with 5-6” of new added overnight. Hitting some runs we didn’t hit yesterday found lots of untracked. My message is, go exploring. And watch your timing. Two early runs on Secret Exterminator Place set the untracked bar early. Knowing when Northway opened, we got our 2 favs with over the knee smooth goodness before the horde built a line. Northway raised the bar for the day and the season. Will be hard to beat. Just under the bar were old school Snake Pit and haven’t-skied-for-awhile new Secret Stash #14. Amigoette picked a winner out E-Housing/Niagara way - Not telling, but everyone missed it yesterday and this morning. 1,600’ vert of incredibleness in the one sunny spot of the day. The vis was mostly black and white and allowed me to easily follow Amigoette’s green coat. 

I thought last week was the best yet this year. Quickly surpassed by the last 2 days.




Tomorrow will be a good cut and packed powder in the morning. Timing of the next front is anywhere between mid-day and early evening. If tomorrow’s your day, go early and ski hard as it may end in wet sloppy snow or rain. Friday looks really like a no-go day with, at best, firm packing wet snow before it turns to rain. Sorry for you weekenders, as high freezing levels and lots of precip is not good news. Holy crap, next week will be REALLY warm, and mostly dry. Goodbye fluffy pow, hello mountain bike.