It was the kinda day that hurts your joints, but your muscles don’t get tired. And, it was clear early on that deviating much from the Valley Bowl and Groomers wasn’t going to end well. I didn’t get too adventurous, stuck with Plan A, and had a fun morning.


As it had rained for a day after my last outing, the firmness wasn’t unexpected. What was unexpected, but not unusual, was that the strong southeast wind kept any softening from happening. The forecast this week will be a bumpy ride. And speaking of bumps and bad segues, the bumps have not changed shape since last week. Luckily, however, Crystal was able to groom Iceberg and bury most of the rocks - lasted about 2 hours thanks to the very light crowd.

If you went fast enough to keep boredom at bay, the Run-of-Day was Valley-Berg. As in everything else was worse. Luckyshot had acres of smooth, unedgeable ice. Powder Bowl had firm oddly shaped bumps that alternated ice, styrosnow, and lumps. We skied it, but not worth a repeat. So I smoothed as much of the Valley Bumps as I could and raced down Iceberg, just backing off when the jittering snow made my eyes rattle. Testing a new GPS run tracking app showed that to be right around 53mph through the gravel-strewn snow where Iceberg narrows and flattens.

Wohoo! Wohoo? Repeat Bumps-Then-Speed about a dozen times and you got it. As the wind strengthened they shut down The Gondy, then Chair Six, (Northway was a goner from the get-go), and slowed Rex to a crawl. It was time for me to go. Glad I went and glad I’d sharpened my edges. 



There will be a fine line between 3-4 days of rain, and 3-4 days of wet snow. Crystal could be on either side, and likely both during the week. Crystal needs snow, a lot of snow. I don’t know if I pull any weight (no jokes), but my plan would be a couple feet of wet snow. It’ll be very warm and mostly sunny for the weekenders to chop it up. A very non-historic-damn-global-warming january look to the forecast.

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