Wondering where I’ve been? Me too. It’s been a hectic time of remodeling to sell our house, banks, builders, and of course, christmas. Long story very short, today was my opening day skiing. And a good day it was.

It’s been like have a “real” job again and made me wonder, the annual wonder, if I was up to the ski-task, questioning my mental and physical abilities to do this sport. This unplanned late entry into the ski season worked out great. Best coverage and conditions for a first day in memory. Thanks to all that came up when only the bunny hill (do they still call it that) was open. And those that dinged rocks and weird snow till all, almost all, the chair where opened. My first run of the year was untracked new snow down Sunnyside. Yes, I can do this.

I took my rock skis, rock coat, rock helmet, rock pants, and rock long underwear. Mostly to go old school as only one slight rock hit - no damage - entering Powder Bowl was it. The snow was nice where untracked, a little chunky when slightly tracked out, and then nice again when more tracked out. You could definitely feel the heaviness below 6K feet and from Rex down it packed very firm by days end. Best runs of the day were Grubstake, Valley Bowl, and Powder Bowl. Although the line on Chair 6, the official new name now, deterred us from a second PB run.


With the storm coming in tomorrow everything will change. The snow level looks to rise putting down some significant base building snow up high, some ice producing rain down low. Take your chances on friday, I hope to. Disclaimer - evaluate the snow level thursday as the huge snow level drop friday may just bring icy weirdness.

More in depth reporting upcoming.