Christmas came a day early. The first surprise was clear sunny skies. Under my favorite blue, the snow was soft cut boot-top powder over a surprisingly easy skiing foot of crunch leftovers. Frost the whole mountain with 4” of new and it skied about 100 times better than it looked.


Our first turns were flying onto Sunnyside, living up to its name, where the turns were so easy no slowing down required. The Doors, Memorial, and Breakover the same. After a long summer and a self-imposed late start to the winter season, it felt wonderful to be in the groove. Steep, soft, go-for-it snow. Legs that where at full power (for now), and of course, full on sun never hurts.


Powder Main Chute was untracked onto deep pillows of cut new. The rock lined edges made the early-season narrowness extra exciting. The payback for precision was huge grins that lasted to the bottom of Bear Pits. I had heard good things about Employee Housing. They weren’t lying. Soft and fluffy up high, packed pow in the middle, no heaviness down low. Only a smattering of spindly bush tops at the bottom. I5 was I5ish… I’ve skied it when it was worse. Top of Chair 6 is very rocky. Sideslippers exposed most of the entries. 

Bummer of the day was a 30 minute ride up Rex which included a 25 minute stop. As we sat, a cool fog started blowing in from the east filtering the sun. Thinking Luckyshot would loosen the stiff, cold joints from the long sit was wrong. After all the steep soft runs, it just felt firm, skidded, and…. it was time to go.

The groomed snow was packing and firming. The cats will freshen it tonight some. The off-piste was skiing out, but will be some nice packed pow for awhile. Santa will be a day late, not bringing new snow till wednesday.