Today was all about trees and wind. Between the thick fog, dumping snow (all day), and blasting wind gusts, if you were in the open it was complete blindness. One run, we had to stop 6 times for 30-60 seconds as the wind blew tons of snow out of the trees. To avoid the face scouring snow blast I put my face down. I couldn’t see my knees. Other than that, it was one of the best snow days of the year.

Anything in the open was not on the list. Trees were a requirement, although we had to take some open traverses to get around. Memorial started the day as Forest is in its name. Very good. Six and Northway opened early. There was a Junior Extremo contest on Six/The King so we headed north. The goods lay waiting in our favorite places. Two blind traverses, two long knee deep tree runs of special new snow. As the NW line was forming, it was time for Employee Housing. Another No-See-Um tuck to gate 7 then a special entry to Amigoette’s favorite tree line. We had to stop at the end of the trees and wait for the air to clear before heading to the next set of trees. I-5 was not bad - sorry to the snowboarders that have to walk the whole way out.

Another blind traverse to Exterminator, then E-Trees and my version of CD’s stash. Amigoette liked it so much we did it over, and over. As it was snowing about 2” per hour, tracks filled in fast. Finally succumbing to the face scouring wind-blown snow, we called it a day when our coats were encrusted in ice from too many face shots. I mean, no officer, I didn’t have too many face shots. This smile is just frozen in place.

Now we have a basement full of wet drying gear. Hoping it dries by morning for a repeat session tomorrow.


I usually avoid weekends from the first week in january, and 8 plus presidents day weekends later. But sometimes duty calls and it’s necessary to take a crowded weekend for the team. Which team, I don’t know, but I’m taking a hit for someone I think. Expecting crowds, we left home really early. I didn’t expect how many others would be early as well. And, I didn’t expect how many early people don’t have snow cars or know how to drive in the snow. A slow uphill commute. BUT, not as slow as the downward drive. 15mph, come on. On the flat 30, maybe 25? 100 cars behind you but you can’t pull over? Amazing that some people want to try skiing, that’s great but haven’t thought out the Maybe we’ll have to drive in the snow question. Hope the people in the minivan with bald tires stuck in the family load zone made it down….



It’s still dumping snow for a while and will taper off overnight. Temps are dropping and it’ll be cold, around 10° in the morning. The cut up pow and tracks will be covered. But don’t worry, I’ll go inspect so you can sleep in. Oh, looks like sun also.