You win some, you lose some. Today was firmly in the latter category.

Two things made it tough. Even though the temperature on top was pushing 40°, everything that wasn’t groomed was unskiable frozen junk. Second, fog precipitated out of the west wind burying everything inside Crystal in a blinding blanket of no see um the run fog. A fog that coated your goggles after just a few turns. Luckily, the groomed snow was soft and buttery and turns were easy. Unfortunately, with the beyond limited vision, you couldn’t even tell which direction was downhill at times.

So we skied Valley (groomed side) Berg blindly. Luckyshot even blinder, and Valley Valley where you could see the side of the run, usually, at least. A break at 10:30 for pizza and a beer didn’t help with the clearing as planned. Another round of blind leading the blind on Rex convinced me I’d had enough (it helped to follow someone - you could see when they hit invisible bumps you needed to avoid). Skiing the groomers fast was impossible, skiing them slowly was boring, skiing them blind was getting dangerous.


Knowing that at whatever time we left, it would clear up, I pulled the plug. Sure enough, when I got home and looked at the cameras, it was bright and sunny. Too little, too late. The drive up was nice due to the lack of participation by people smarter than me, and I got to stretch the Turboru’s legs (it really doesn’t have legs) when no one was looking.

Did I mention there’s a lot of brown snow working it’s way up and some gravel popping to the surface? No? Well, there is. A lot of the last 2 week’s snow is missing.



I see nothing good for the next 4 days. Tomorrow will continue warm with the frozen off-piste and likely some misty, wet precip. Saturday continues frozen off-piste with increasing brown and icy-patch groomers. Sunday joins in with a repeat.