Expectations, disappointments, and surprises - sums up the day. 14” of new snow had powder expectations running high as a large opening crowd of hungry skiers waited for the lift to open. Spoiled by sunday/monday’s light new snow, I dove into Memorial and quickly lowered my expectations to windblown ice on the crest and heavy windpack the rest of the way. Memorial, along with any other open east to southeast facing runs, skied ok for the first few people through, but quickly turned to thick and cut lumps. Switched to north facers and my mood quickly improved.


Suddenly I noticed that the sun was out and we were bathed in that perfect blue winter sky. Surprise, I don’t know of a better ski attitude improver. Expected a huge line at C-6 when its light went green. Nope, surprise. Campbell was a smooth fast ride over untracked wind crust. Powder Bowl JD’s Chute was as good as it gets.

I didn’t sleep well last night and my brain wasn’t working so good on run decisions. Luckily, my ski wingman (or am I his wingman?), threw out suggestions that sounded questionable but turned out awesome. A forgotten line on Exterminator, a gnarly entrance to Eagles Drop, and around the nose to secret trees demanded repeats. Banana Chute always makes me a little woozy when it’s suggested. But I tightened my sphincter and headed over. An easy entry if you thread the line through the rocks and then it was the best snow of the day.


Ended the day, a little early, with a couple Powder Bowl - Bear Pits. PB’s Main Chute is skiing great and BP’s Big Chute the same. Probably where you’ll find me tomorrow.



Likely some light snow overnight and cooling temps lining up for scattered light snow, scattered light sun, and cool temps tomorrow. Today’s snow will turn into perfect packed pow with just a little skier grooming. A good chunk of Northway will be blocked off for Extremo Nationals tomorrow (Southback on saturday). Long term looks similar till more snow comes in monday.