I must be living right, finally. Second day in a row that a foggy, snowy morning turned to clear blue skies. 

What a difference visibility makes. The leftover snow was as expected. Thick, lumpy, and the overnight cold had increased both while firming up the underlayment. Add in the fog and snow flurry induced poor visibility and it was a tough go. From yesterday, we knew where the good snow would be, if only you could see. A test run into Bear Pits Big Chute confirmed expectations that it would be perfect packed pow.

When we got back to Rex, suddenly, the sun was out, angels were singing, and Powder Bowl glistened and beckoned. (disclaimer, actually no angels were involved, just my mental soundtrack) And, they’d opened C-6, early. So off we went to the one area we knew would be the best snow today. It was. Our new run down the blaster tube and JD’s Chute were 4” of new untracked over soft cut powder. Fast, smooth, soft, steep, and a bunch of other adjectives only skiers enjoy. Bear Pits, a little different in a perfect packed and loose pow kinda way continued the adrenalin thrills. Found our one awesome run so what else you gonna do but repeat, repeat, repeat…… Till the clouds moved back in just as fast as they had cleared.

The incoming fog and snow shower made it easier to hide our big shit-eating grins. It also hid the unfortunate multitude of traverse lines in Green Valley. Don’t do that, it’s called DOWN hill skiing. C-3 chairline was steep and deep shady stuff, but short. Elk Snort had it moments, but the rest was “meh” after the PB-BP runs. Kelly’s gap also has some good - and some tough sections - while Lower E was great if you knew which side to be on.

We tried a couple Valley Bergs in the decreasing vis and increasing firmness and pulled the plug. Closing out the best 4-day “work week” I’ve had in a long time.



Very slight refreshment over the next few days. Cool mornings with warming base temps and cool top temps. Most of the mountain needs some skier grooming to turn the thick lumpy got-too-much-sun areas into good packed powder. That’s the weekender crowd’s assignment. See ya monday for some sun, I hope.