Took a week off to battle back from some ailments that caused me to have a horrible ski day last monday. But taking things in small bites helped work both Amigoette and me back into the game, and by the end of the day our recovery was working well.

We took a chance on a weekend crowd to get better weather today. Full on blue sky and sun greeted us as we arrived early. But, even an early chair loading found a persistent fog already starting to play hide-n-seek with the sun. The sunday crowd showed up at the base and on Luckyshot, but never built a line.

To take advantage of the good vis in the sun, we ripped a trial run down Valley-Berg, then 3 quick Sunnysides. That was the first time we’ve been on The Frontside in how many weeks? It’s skiing OK and ready for the next warm sunny day, but Valley Bowl showed once again that north facers would be the place to be. So with an early Northway opening we headed out with the good visibility in tow.

The place to be was on Northway. Best soft snow, minimal crunch in the trees, and nice smooth/soft bumps on the lower angle portions. Chairline Bumps, however, were huge and down to skidded ice from the weekend warriors. I would have been happy to ski Northway all day except that a blinding fog moved in and sank into the nooks and crannies. 

And so the game of hide and seek started. Whatever wasn’t foggy, we seeked until the next time the fog hid it - then we moved along. Bear Pits was so icy it was one and out. Same with the Doors. All the sunny aspects are finally consolidated, maybe a little too much, and in perfect condition for the next warm sunny day. Berry Patch right was good, then we paid our dues on Lower E where the bumps got too much rain - perfectly smooth, unperfectly icy.

Grubstake and C3 Chairline again showed the Jekyll and Hyde character of the sunny aspects versus the shady. My body was playing a game of ski strong and then stop to get the queasiness under control. By the end of the day, the strong part was winning. I’ll call it an excellent recovery day



As of now, looks like cloudy and precipitation bordering on rain at the base monday. In an hour, the forecast might change. Which way? All signs say monday night and tuesday will be stormy with lots of precip, again really wet at the base. Wednesday is a lull in the action, at least dry, maybe some broken clouds.