Lucky I had some good Ski Amigos today. One, I could follow them and get a slight idea of what I was approaching in some of the worst fog ever skied. Two, they made me not want to be the one who gives up and goes home, so I stayed for the 3 hours it took for the weather to clear enough to find that one good run.

Horribly foggy from midway up, it was a gray day. Gray as in pitch fucking gray. Gray as in I can’t see the edge of the cat track. Gray as in I’ve haven’t seen so many spots in my vision before. Gray as in was that ice, or did my ski fall off. Gray as in Auntie Em, there’s no place like home. Ever wonder on the way down if infrared night vision goggles worked for skiing? I could probably get some on eBay. Was that a person or a tree? Where am I? I’ll ask my buds what run we just skied, maybe they know.

From the start, it was obvious that anything off piste was a no-go danger zone of frozen breakable crust and frozen junk. (spoiler, later some of it turned into thick, gloppy mashed potatoey…. stuff.) But, maybe I make it sound worse than it was. We did have some fun trying to figure out which way the runs went and where the edge of the grooming was, and when it was safe to “tuck it” for the bottom (actually no tucking involved - usually just point in the direction you thought the lift was and hope). Since the fog was up-side-down and clearer air was on the lower mountain, we skied Lower Bull, Deerfly, and CMAC more times than in recent memory. Or long term memory.

Approaching noon, wait…. It’s a little brighter. Hey, I can see Iceberg - that’s what it looks like?. Pretty hard snow. Then….. Let’s try Snorting Elk-Sluiceway-BerryPatch-Lower E. Random clearing, some sun, quickly softened snow, and Run Of The Day. No Gondola line made for a quick return. Finally someplace that supported aggressive skiing. Two hours of late-in-the-day T2Bs saved the day. And my sanity. Especially Lower E’s bump run. Best of a weird day. Best ski buds for keeping the dream alive. Wohooo?


PS - went with the best intentions of getting some pictures today. Picture a gray wall. There, that’s it.


There’s gonna be warmth, cooling, rain, light snow, clouds, sun, and maybe Sharknado. That last one’s unlikely, but the rest will happen and no one seems to know when, where, or why. Look the night before, get up early, and take your chances. The perfect plan would be for some light rain over a day, a solid freeze, or two, and some sunny days. New snow will not be our friend right now.