A day late on the report ‘cause conditions didn’t matter with today’s rain event kicking in.

Amigoette and I have finally moved into the new Snowind North location (north compared to the Summer Playground) One of the reasons for moving was to be closer to Crystal Mountain. I now have a much nicer, 35 minute shorter each way ski drive. And now that remodeling, talking to banks, moving furniture, hucking boxes is over, we can actually take advantage of the shorter commute and go skiing.

After spending the last 3 months in constant motion working down the Do-List, it took awhile to get my head back in the ski game. I didn’t forget any equipment which was my first worry. The legs felt OK. I guess hauling boxes up and down stairs is a pretty good ski workout. Averaged 5-6 miles and 40 flights of stairs a day over a week of loading and unloading trucks. What I lacked was mental focus. Thoughts of the choir list kept intruding. The snow was pretty funky. Soft and heavy in places. Almost slushy feeling just before an icy patch. And ruts that were now firmer than when people laid them down. I found ducking into steeper and narrower terrain brought things in focus as I rattled through the ruts. It only took a couple near high-side edge catches to jog my brain back into the ski routines. Pretty soon I found I’d smoothed some nice lines down Memorial, Bear Pits, and Valley Bowl. Groomers were smooth and carved nicely, but easy enough my mind would wander.

Freezing goggle-fog up top, poor visibility, and deteriorating weather drove me off the slopes. I’d done what needed to be done - got back in ski mode. I had to spin a celebratory doughnut in the empty F-Lot on the way down. Crystal should add a rally car course.

Rain today almost to the top. Lowering temps tonight and sun for the next days. Not sure how it will pan out. I’ll be back soon and hopefully often