I wanted to believe the most optimistic of the weather forecasts that today would be mild winds and warm. Although the weather was beautiful for sight seeing, it was not what the snow needed. Temps had dropped overnight and everything was a frozen wasteland, or an ice rink. A moderate east wind and slight haze over the sun kept it that way. A few groomers were mildly carvable for awhile, but even the very small group of participants quickly scoured it down.

So, we raced/skidded/rattled down the few groomers for awhile. There was one small section of Green Valley in the shade that was loose enough to be fun. Mostly, cold with loud scrapping sounds. I thought the one area, out of the wind and low on the mountain where it was warmer, would be worth a try. Sluiceway and Berry Patch were horrible. Lower E unsociable frozen moguls. That did in Amigoette’s sore foot and uninspired my less than enthused mindset for icy groomers and we called it a day.

If the heat comes back tomorrow as forecasted and the wind stays light, it should be a completely different mountain. Only snow of lots of sun fixes this kinds of snow.