Nothing beats a spring day in january. 52°, WTF. After hitting the cycle exactly wrong the last couple times, I finally nailed.

If you’re reading this for conditions report for the next few days, spoiler alert, it will suck, capital S, Suck.

I got the last day of this weird warm pattern and today was the warmest. Fooled by the cold east wind before, I was a little worried by the forecast. Happily, it was warm from the get-go with soft groomers for the first run. Valley Bowl was hard, but seek out the middle line, and stay there, and it was quite skiable. AND THEN, the Frontside went off. Started with Gully-Gully, then Sunnyside, Breakover, Breakover Gully, and Showtime. Took off the coat, heavy gloves, at 10:00. Sunglasses required.

It was a mental game. Unfortunately, the rest of the ski gang was offline today and I was on my own. There’s been a lot of entries on the Snowind calendar the last 3 months and my brain has been more into Do Lists and .... other things than looking for a fast smooth line down a steep mogul face. The moguls were big, firm, and didn’t move. But, there was a nice 3-4 inches of soft slush on top for your downhill pleasure. Might have just been my pleasure as there weren’t many takers on the Frontside, and fewer repeaters. I loved it. After the first few runs, the need to focus on grabbing the next gravity-slowing bump, keep in the zipper line, and suck up the next mogul face cleansed the mind of interfering thoughts and let the skis run free. It was all good and The Zone felt great.


The future looks grim. Everything that got sun or was out of the wind turned to slush today. The rest was an icy mess. Tomorrow’s warm temps and precip translate to light rain and the dropping temps late friday mean nasty ice and frozen coral heads off piste. Groomers will be ice rinks. It will take a lot of new snow to erase the effects of this week of warm weather. Maybe see you in a week?