I was marginally excited to go today. Reports of wind-scoured ice sunday and only 4-5 “ new were blown away by the 10” new reported this morning. And speaking of blown away, those in the know knew where all the snow that was on the ice went. Game on.

Three warm up laps on Memorial found excellent snow, but over a hard icy base. Hitting bottom a lot, I wished I had enough of a ski brain to this morning to throw the wider boards in the car. Then I realized my Aftershocks used to be my wide ski. Compensating with speed gave me the float I needed to start having fun.

Trying to stay one step ahead of the powder seekers I took an early trip to Exterminator. Hide and seek with yesterday’s wind blown away snow was over. Deeper and softer underneath and taking last year’s newly found stash area gave me mostly untracked to Lower E.

Then the Northway light turned green and….. It’s gotten harder and harder to keep ahead of the crowd. Best advice - when tracks head left, or right, or straight ahead, take the other route and see what you find. I found my normal haunts deep and untracked. Northway snow was deeper and over a very skiable crunch. The crunch didn’t matter much, the new-plus-blown-in was deep enough I rarely hit bottom. Being sneaky, making sure no one was watching, I took my lefts, rights, and straights through my favorite line - linking bowls, trees, chutes, and bumps (OK, the bumps are the bottom Chairline bumps). It took me 5 laps to track it up. With no lift line it was ski right onto the chair for the next lap. But the hordes were coming north losing skis in the pow, getting stuck, falling down, and hooting in the now tracked powder. So, a good time was had by all.

Bliss on the other side of the rollover. Entry to Sphincterville

Bliss on the other side of the rollover. Entry to Sphincterville

And then Employee Housing iced the pow-cake. The new snow made I-5 a little slow, but not as slow and the snowboarders post holing back.

The drive up was snow the whole way. Unfortunately there were some drivers that missed snow-driving class and thought the best plan was to just go slow, really slow. And never pull over to let the mile of cars behind you go by. The passing lane hadn’t been plowed so the Turboru got it’s own face shoots as puffs of snow would billow over the hood. Luckily got by everyone before The Boulevard. A huge pack of cars came up behind, getting stuck, slipping around, and not knowing where to park. Hmmm. Sounds like the late arrivers to Northway.

Snow all the way down to The Claw were it was raining with no snow on the road. It’ll be a nice sheet of black ice tomorrow. Even more snow on the way tonight and tomorrow. Oh, based on the number of people digging for skis, powder cords would be a good idea.