What a difference visibility makes. With clear blue skies and a cold 12°, we didn’t mind missing some powder yesterday as the snow was in great shape. Rather than responding to what I hit in the fog, I could look 3 turns down the mountain and plan a route. Much more fun.

Most runs were packed powder bumps with cut powder and other kinds of loose snow strewn about. Valley Bow was a blast for the “warm ups”. Lower Memorial - a little rugged underneath showed I wasn’t really warmed up. Determined to ski some steep, soft bumps, and lines that were invisible in the last day’s fog, we took any run-in-the-sun that wasn’t a groomer. In fact, never skied a groomed run (other that the must-do runout to get back to Rex). The normal Fronsiders were first on the menu. Door Zero, Door One, Showtime, Sunnyside challenged the legs and satisfied the brain. We’d committed ourselves to an early Exterminator and Employee Housing. Both delivered that shot of adrenalin, responding to power and a little finesse. Unfortunately I’ve had too many interruptions in my ski days and the ole legs, while working great for awhile, would need a short rest every once-in-s while to make sure adrenaline didn’t overcome power. A minute in screen saver mode and I was good to go again. EH won honors as usual and I-5 was fast and didn’t require pushing till the bottom of Chair 1 (RIP C-1).

Front to Back - Steep, Steeper, Steepest

Front to Back - Steep, Steeper, Steepest

And so it went. Bear Pits, a trip to Six (Campbell Basin just OK, PBowl great), another EH, some Valley Bowl to C-3 Chairline had some of the best snow. And Then…. Banana Chute. Some nice snow on the entry, but you know Banana always has a hairball story to add. (just turned on The Tunes - Dream On came up, fitting) So, CD has his line set, dive in, soft snow, edges lock and up the other side he goes. And then pull off the best back roll onto skis with an I’m Good and nails the rest. OK. Learning from others is something I always try to do. Step down a little eyeing the hard right turn that must be made. Oops, breaking through the cornice, grabbing the one lone tree for stability as the bottom dropped out. With no platform to stand on, I followed CD’s line - without the superb back roll. And a fun time was had by all.

Sluiceway showed that there was some sun damage going on, Berry Patch it’s usual hoot, and Lower E a usual fest of big bumps that are always smooth. Ended a big day in a leg-sore way. The only thing that gets you in ski shape is skiing. Did my part today. Although the weather is deteriorating tomorrow and new snow will be late in the day, I hope the overnight bod recovery goes as planned and I’ll be up tomorrow