After felling how sore I was after yesterday’s fun, I was worried that skiing 2 days in a row - third day in 4 - would not feel good. The first 5-6 runs confirmed that I’m not yet in ski shape after my chore filled december and january. (For those who care - Just sold our old house and after 2 days of paperwork next week, it will be off my worry list. Don’t believe the media, for a good home in a desirable neighborhood, the Seattle housing market is doing just fine) After blasting Valley Bowl yesterday, this morning I was a rolling dog turd with legs on fire. That is, if turds had legs. I was hoping to make it to 10 o’clock.

Luckily, I have patient ski buds who put up with my frequent stops. As we pushed the boundaries via Exterminator, E-Housing, and Outer Ferk’s, I was pleasantly surprised the each run hurt less and less. Guess my legs figured I was serious about the day and just gave up sending pain and kicked in some extra energy. Thankfully, I was able to add another Employee Housing, lots of Outer Ferk’s, some Elk-Snort pow into Mr. Toad’s Wild Bump Ride, C-3 Chairline, and have some big fun.

Oddly enough, for a day that start feeling weak, stiff, and sore. I got stronger each run. The weather started on the weak side as well with poor vis and light snow. As my attitude improved, so did the weather with some almost sun that improved the visibility and added to our groups energy. Until Noon. The next storm announced it’s arrival with spreading fog, increasing snow, and stiffening cold winds. Did I say “stronger each run”? Well, right up to the last, and best run down Outer Ferk’s. Stopped and I was toasted. Grabbed the packs and headed for home in a thickening snow all the way to Mud Mountain Dam.

Whew, working through the mornin pain was well worth it. Prepare for some weekend dumps and I’ll see you after signing papers and moving of the last….. stuff.