I had very low hopes for today. With temps at 7 degrees this morning I bundled up expecting to rattle down some icy groomers for a few hours and head home. It was a cold and horizon to horizon to horizon to horizon clear morning. The snow was firm, but a Valley Bowl showed some promise of maybe some north-facing fun. Iceberg was kinda capable and showed the promise of overly fast skidding fun. Well, maybe fun. WIth freezing faces and noses, we completed the first round of runs enjoying unexpected bundled-up warm and glad the wind was from the west.

With no rhyme or reason, some north facing aspects were slightly rugged packed pow with some light stuff on top with only the occasional hit of skidded ice. Some were wind-crust, rain-crust, and gnarly shaped moguls of doom. In the good category were Valley Bowl, Upper Powder Bowl, Paradise Bowl, Bruces Bowl, Snorting Elk Bowl, and… Guess The Bowls win. On the hard kinda-carvable groomer end of the scale were Iceberg, Luckyshot, Lower Valley, Lower Bull Run. And we found some one-run-and-out stay-away zones - Bear Pits, Grubstake, Frontside, Northway Chairline Bumps.

A little skier grooming would have improved a lot of places - I wasn’t the one to spend my day smoothing out the chunks for tomorrow. By mid-day, it had warmed enough, 12°, to not freeze my face off on the tucks - which was nice. Knowing it was a day and forecast where you would have to just make the best of it, I was pleasantly surprised. Glad I listened to my ski buds and took a chance.


Continued cold, very cold, for the next few days, at least. Light moisture, maybe a little more at Crystal. Deteriorating weather will not be good as the visibility suffers and limits the options.