Bear with me. Today wasn’t about the best conditions, the best weather, or making the scene. It was about perseverance. We could have skied what was easy, ok snow, and left it at that. But we knew some good stuff was out there and with the forecast for a big sunny day (spoiler, didn’t happen) I expected some of the unsavory morning aspects to become great. So, the Two Amigos, for the good of mankind, did a wall-to-wall sampling. Almost wall-to-wall - we weren’t hiking for questionable goods.

In full sun I started with the proverbial opener Vally-Berg. A little firm in The Bowl and Iceberg was its normal morning parking lot smooth kinda carvable self. Meh, the only groomer out of the way for the day. Memorial proved the Frontside had a lot of sun damage from yesterday. Staying on the Big Side, dove into Bear Pits. Trying to figure out whether The Pits was soft, firm, or….. took my biggest fall of the year as one tip went into a soft bump only to be drastically stopped a couple feet further on by the next hard spot. I hate those one-ski high side falls. Accelerating and spinning, waiting for the impact, 20 vertical feet downhill, hit, crunching sounds, face first trying to stop. Shit, pole 50 feet up a 45° slope, ski slowly rolling down… Luckily the one other skier in BP came by and got my pole. 1,000 Karma Points and thanks.

So we quickly headed up C-6. Powder Bowl weirdly crunchy for being off the sun angle. Outer Ferk’s great if you skied very tight to the shade. And then, EH on the correct side was awesome. I-5 fast and easy. Now knowing the good aspect direction we repeated. And then the cloud, one cloud, covered the sun as we headed Northward. Unexpected breakable crunch in Horseshoe Chutes shade - now flat light shade. Last Pitch Chairline Bumps brought things back with tip-to-tail synchronized bump skiing, huge bumps, where I’m glad I know my ski bud so well and that he’s gonna make the must-make turn next to the trees so I don’t impale him - or me. Northway proved to be The Place as we danced down B-Bowl and B-Trees with… no one. There were only about 8 skiers in all of Northway. Repeat and then expand to Pucker’s Right except we got sucked into a secret powder place - wow. Came out at M-Chute for weird styrosnow and tired legs. Did it again coming out mid Brand X.

Too much fun, eyes glazing over, point me to…. Niagara. Hairball run of the day, weird snow, odd visibility, and demanded a bail-out to the good parts of EH. A couple Outer Ferk’s, (we shouldn’t have done a Door), more OF, and I was toasted. A couple odd jumps in the Jump Park (nicely done new Crystal owners) and it was a wrap. Perseverance paid off in some great runs and shared-with-a-bud odd snow runs. You know you’re getting in the groove when weird snow is bad and fun at the same time. And it was good to get out of the comfort zone, aka Niagara, and get nervous.

Did you know we went the month of February without a freezing level over 1,000 feet? It looks like the trend continues for the foreseeable future. Everything will improve with skier grooming as zero new snow is also in the plan. The next sunny days will soften and then ice up everything in its path. Shady aspects will respond nicely to more skiing. Sorry, we took the last of the untracked snow.

Ski ya soon,