It’s spring skiing Crystal Style. Well, Spring Style #1. That’s where there is enough sun damage that most sun-facing aspects have a big-bump crunch layer under nice pow that turns to heavy mashed potatoes as the day wears on. AND, the northish facers have most excellent shin+ deep untracked pow that lasts into the afternoon. If you know where to look. We took a few forays onto the powder over icy bumps just to make sure we shouldn’t have. And then hit all our north facing and shaded areas keeping just ahead of the following crowd. Crowd is relative.

There weren’t very many takers on most runs. But it didn’t take many tracks to completely change an aspect or chute from floaty untracked to cut up lumps. Or, to take the pow and start a small slide that emptied the snow behind you. So the Crowd was only a few people looking for the deep. To float above the Frontside bumps took more speed than I was willing to put down as I thought about the next sharp mogul taking me out. But, Six opened and we took the last of the good lines in Campbell and then headed for Powder Bowl. Main Chute should be on the Fun Police’s list as the Fun-O-Meter® pegged. One run down Bear Pits had it’s moments, both good and bad, and there then wasn’t enough soft topping left to mitigate the huge bumps for a retry.


Next was some smooth-n-deep as we took Elk Snort on the way to Employee Housing. Entering EH, all the tracks went one way, we went the other. 1600’ of deep untracked - need I say more? Northway beckoned and as long as you stayed in the shade it was great. Sphincterville was a hoot. Chairline Bumps were man eaters if you lost your line. Stay in it and the adrenaline flowed as only 8’ drops into icy troughs and airplane turns back into soft pow can supply. Bruce’s left, Bruce’s right… guess we got the goods. Another EH and I heard the dreaded words, “follow those guys”. Got in front and another soft untracked run.


Sorry to say… Anything that got sun today turned to mashed potatoes. You could feel the snow packing hard underski. Groomers will recover nicely with overnight grooming. I’m hoping there’s a good crowd tomorrow to skier groom the off-piste. There’s a lot of good freezes thaw cycles coming up, but good corn will need some manicuring. By Sunday it’ll be hot (9Kft freezing levels) and I need you all to smooth and mix the snow for me.