Welcome to spring. I’d call today the third day of spring skiing and it definitely started the frozen morning to mushy afternoon cycle. There were a few pockets of soft fluffy stuff in the most hidden shaded areas (sorry we tore them up pretty good). Sun damaged aspects were sporting frozen lumps top over a hard bumpy base. So it was Valley Bowl and frozen-but-carvable groomers for awhile.

That changed mid morning as a slight softening allowed us to go do some skier grooming on the Frontside and Powder Bowl. Yesterday’s crew did NOT do their job to smooth and break up what this morning was very crunchy lumps over hard bumps. But skiing in the warm sun wasn’t so bad and we did our due diligence laying down some nice lines in less than perfect snow. There was a small crowd of families skiing the groomers. What’s wrong with parents these days not teaching the younguns to ski bumps. Also, not teaching them to not stop in blind spots below roll-overs or right in the middle of the run.

So, we left the groomers behind and focused on the continued softening snow. Gully Gully was the first, but as an afternoon tour found, quickly went to oversoft with the unconsolidated top coat. Oh, speaking of coats, they came off as base temps hit 50°. Soft and fluffies of the day were C-3 Chairline and Elk Snort. Valley Bowl got better and better and will be very crunchy tomorrow morning. Powder Bowl Main Chute - perfect styro-snow, below that needs some skiers. Bear Pits late was very soft and lower down was too soft and in need of some consolidation. Run of the day was Valley Bowl to C-3 Chairline to Sluiceway to Berry Patch, to Lower E. Lower E won mogul field of the day award - silky smooth and soft ( huge bumps).


Guess that’s it. Kinda went into Blur Mode. Brought out of Blur Mode as the flats back to the chair got sticky. The upcoming cold nights of freezing followed by warm to hot days will fix that. We packed and consolidated some runs, it’s up to you to help out with the rest. Speaking of rest, taking a few days off - back monday when it will be hot. Frozen mornings and then go get it. And, that time of year when we do not need new snow as it will just add a layer of heavy slop that takes days to smooth and consolidate.