First Report 8:45-10:30

Short and sweet - *$#@% East wind. Nothing but unskiable frozen crunch and very firm smooth groomers.

Second Report 10:30 till sundown (sundown, aka afternoon re-freeze at 2:30)

I knew we’ve started the spring cycle of frozen mornings and soft afternoon. BUT, did not expect 30-45mph east wind cancelling the planned-on early softening in the blazing sun. There was not a hint of a cloud in the sky all day. It took some dedicated searching, but at 10:30 I tried Valley-Sluiceway-Berry Patch-Lower E and was rewarded with the first to soften run of the day. 👍👍👍👍 Gully-Gully was next, other than some weirdness on the wind swept upper section. Back and forth was the plan until… Showtime and Sunny softened with a big if. Good if you stayed in the skied out line. Stray and you locked in the mush. The legs lasted later than normal (am I finally getting in shape?) as coasting down the morning’s groomers into a stiff you-don’t-need-to-turn headwind didn’t take much energy. So it was a soft spring bump fest alternating Sunnyside and the afore mentioned Valley backside T2B. A most excellent day was had by all until the lowering sun started the re-crunch about 2:30. From worried and unstoked to a full on 4-good-runs mountain day.

More east wind for the next couple days, but lighter? Maybe? Get it soon as by thursday it appears to be a downhill slide into cooler (no thaw?) and some light rain friday night. Watch the temps and be ready to go.