Hello Skiers, Watch out boarders

Here we are at Crystal Mountain

It is very hard and frozen

And they say we’ll have some fun if it stops blowing.

We went down into a wind blast

And found lots of frozen groomers

We remembered warmer fun runs

They got delayed by that darn blasting east wind

All the lifts are slowed by strong wind

It’s blowing 60, now 70.

No need to turn, the wind it stops me

We need to try a option like Sluiceway

Sluiceway’s soft and there’s no wind

Berry Patch’s the place to be now

And Lower E is big soft moguls

The fun is starting, we’ve found a good run now

Oh wait the wind has closed Rex now

What to do - only option is FQ

Guess we’re skiing easy groomers

Not the day I wanted oh no

Magoo is boring, Downhill too

What’s a skier supposed to do

Looks like pizza and costly beer

Take me home I think I’m done with Forest Queen

Oh please don’t make me stay

I’ve skied more groomers than I need

Oh wait a minute, Six’s loading

Powder Bowl is not too bad.

Now Rex is open , wind had died

Frontside’s great forget my whining.

Sunnyside and Gully-Gully

Kept us in the focused fun zone

Great big bumps of perfect softness

Till we were all quite exhausted

Dearest skiers, bouncing boarders

What a fun day worth the waiting

Skiing soft snow in the sun

Please disregard morning whining.


Thanks to Allan Sherman who I butchered (not literally).

Wind Blasting Up Ugga Bugga

Wind Blasting Up Ugga Bugga