Reports are somewhat superfluous this time of year as everything depend on the day’s weather. Today there was no rhyme or reason to where the snow would be good, or what the weather would do in the next 10 minutes. Since tomorrow’s conditions will likely be completely different, I’ll stick to the Reader’s Digest version of snow reports.

Driving up this morning was against my better judgement. But since today looked, from the forecast to be the most likely of the week for soft snow, it was my best judgement. The weather was a roller coaster of broken clouds, think clouds, heavy snowfall, light rain, and bright sun. Cycle through that every hour and you get the idea. Surprisingly, Green Valley Bowl had 2” of new over very skiable bumps. The occasional frozen lumps disappeared as the day wore on. Good Run #1. Iceberg was very had and the stuff skied off leaving smooth ice patches (Got better throughout the day, still low on the Fun-O-Meter). Just when nothing else looked good, C-3 Chairline had the best snow of the day - Boot top untracked over pleasant packed pow. Good Run #2. We thought we found the motherlode in Powder Bowl where the top 25% was smooth new over a chalky base. Fun Run #… Cancel that, the lower 3/4s was hard bumps and frozen lumps. Everything around Valley Bowl was frozen hard. Why then were Grubstake Trees soft new over slushy mush? Fun Run #3. Snorting Elk Bowl under Ugga Bugga was excellent packed pow entering from either side. Fun Run #4. Sluiceway-Berry Patch-Lower E was OK in the light rain towards the base.

As we repeated the Fun Runs in dumping snow, to bright sun, to flat light, to an inch of Graupel in 15 minutes, and back, soft areas got softer, hard places stayed hard. Finishing with a non-stop T2B from Elk Snort to Lower E was a hoot for Funnest Run #5. Arriving at the base as the bright spot disappeared and it started raining.

Weird weather, weird snow, and who knows what you’ll find tomorrow.